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R.S. Owens hired Carol Goebelt, MAS, as Midwest Regional Sales Manager. Goebelt has more than twenty years experience working for promotional product suppliers in the Midwest, including Goodhope Bags and Bullet Line. In addition to earning her MAS, her credentials include receiving the OPPA Buckeye Award, presented to best regional supplier rep (voted by distributors), and the OPPA Business Experience Award for her above and beyond contributions to the association. She has also been nominated for ASI’s Woman of the Year Award.

Prime Line® proudly announces that Bob Lederer, CAS, Chairman and Jeff Lederer, Executive Vice President, have been ranked again this year on Counselor® Magazine’s fifth annual Power 50 List, which recognizes the advertising specialty industry’s most influential leaders. Bob and Jeff placed at #17 in last year’s list and moved up to #14 for this year.

Bodek and Rhodes has been selected to receive the 2009 SAGE Rating Award for having an A rating among SAGE distributors.

Chocolate Inn was given a 5-Star Supplier rating by ASI.  This is the highest Supplier rating that ASI offers and is calculated through feedback forms received from ASI Distributors.

The Advertising Specialty Institute® is launching two all-new ESP products:  ESP Web and ESP Orders available using standard Internet browsers, including Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla’s Firefox and Apple’s Safari, allowing for instant access anytime and anywhere to products, supplier data, orders and customer information.
Demonstrations will be available at all ASI Shows and ASI expects to rollout the services in the first quarter of 2010.
ESP Web is an update of ASI’s ESP Online. It includes the following features:
• Intelligent search engine helping distributors quickly identify the right product and price and makes suggestions for similar products, known as “guided navigation”.
• New end-buyer presentation tool that allows for total customization – including innovative design elements.
• Streamlined, easy-to-use modern interface, where information and functions are presented on a single screen and users can open up new tabs right in their browser.  
• Completely integrated order management module, called ESP Orders. 
ESP Orders, being released with ESP Web, is a complete order management program based on the best practices of industry-leading distributors. ESP Orders allows distributors to: 
• Create comprehensive sales orders and purchase orders. Transmit product, supplier and end-buyer information directly from ESP Web to ESP Orders.
• Send error-free supplier purchase orders, saving money on bad orders and re-dos.
• Invoice customers automatically to improve cash-flow and overall organization.
• Export all ESP Orders information to QuickBooks and ASI ProfitMaker.

The Advertising Specialty Institute® announced that member companies can now enjoy savings on wireless services and equipment with Sprint.
ASI members receive these savings:
• 13% off on select wireless service plans for company accounts and 8% off for individual and employee accounts.
• Significantly discounted prices on phones and devices, with no mail-in rebate requirement for company-liable accounts.   
• Savings on wireless accessories. 
Sprint will exhibit at The ASI Show Orlando on Sunday, January 3, through Tuesday, January 5, 2010, to help distributors, suppliers and decorators attending sign-up for the program and start reducing their wireless expenses.

SAGE adds QCA Accreditation to their search tool. Finding and differentiating between suppliers whose processes are third-party audited and accredited as compared to self-certified has been a daunting task—until now. With the addition of the Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) Certified Icon to the SAGE Online research tool from SAGE – Quick Technologies, Inc., distributors can easily identify these suppliers with one click.

Distributors and their end user clients all have slightly different requirements for product safety and social compliance, and they frequently address the topic via indemnification agreements rather than actual performance standards. In today’s litigious society, however, these agreements are no longer sufficient. The creation of an industry standard gives both suppliers and distributors the ability to be proactive in addressing client requests by offering an independent, third-party-audited and often more-stringent standard of compliance.

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Tuesday January 26th
SACDV/NERA Winter Showcase
Springfield Country Club
Springfield, PA

Thursday September 23rd
SACDV Fall Expo
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Member Congratulations
Congratulations to Mary Ellen (formerly Pahalka) and Nick Nichols on their recent marriage. We wish them the best in love and life!

Congratulations to Laura and Justin Schlegel on their upcoming baby due May 4, 2010. We wish them the absolute best!


Introducing New SACDV Members
Kidz IDZ – Jeff Broder
Moderne Glass Co. – Kristina Fredericks

Multi-Line Rep:
Northeast Marketing – Wayne Burden

Kaeser & Blair – Mearl Gordon

Kudos Korner
A giant Thank You goes out to Chocolate Inn for donating $2000 worth of chocolate to SACDV for use in our holiday mailing.
Another giant Thank You goes out to Bic Graphic USA for donating pens to use during our Fall Expo.

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