New Member Spotlight
Q&A with Kris Fredericks, Moderne Glass
What type of products does your company offer? Drinkware and Awards & Recognition.
What is the website that our members can visit to view your products?
Are you the main contact for our members? If not, who is? You may contact me, Kris Fredericks.
Do you have a local rep that does office visits? Yes.
If a member would like to schedule an appointment with that rep what is their contact information? Dale Johnson Cornell 617.733.2553
What is the best way for a member to get a catalog? Email your request to
Is there anything else that you would like for our members to know about your company? Moderne Glass Company, Inc. has been the ASI Distributors' Choice Award Winner for Drinkware for the past 8 Consecutive Years.  We are on the ballot as a finalist for this year too, so we may be 9 Consecutive Years  -- to be announced on January 3 at the ASI Show in Orlando.

Tales From the Road
Submitted by Steve Mitchell, Mitchell Marketing
This morning before I left for my meeting with Carretta USA in North Jersey, I received a phone call from the owner, Mike Carretta, letting me know that we needed to be finished by 1:30 at the latest because they were having their annual Christmas party this afternoon.  Not a problem because my plan was to be there at 11:30 anyway.  When I arrived, I was cheerfully greeted by Mike who was dressed in his holiday party best. Mike is always a VERY sharp dresser, but today’s outfit was totally holiday appropriate and in person he looked impeccable as usual.  The tie and the pants were Christmas red and what you can’t see in the photo are the matching red socks.  Of course, the black jacket and the black suede Ferragamo shoes completed the outfit magnificently.

What’s sort of interesting about this story is that I was only there today and able to take this photo because of what happened to me on the way up there LAST Tuesday, the day of my original scheduled appointment.  I was traveling up Route 206 when my temperature warning light came on with a loud beep and I noticed my temperature gauge approaching HOT.  I pulled over into the next side street and called roadside assistance.  Sadly, I had to be towed back to Flemington, NJ (the nearest Audi dealership from where I was) and had to head back home in a loaner car…………albeit a nice new loaded A4.  As it turned out it was the thermostat that suddenly decided to malfunction which is not a huge deal as long as you stop driving your car immediately………………before burning it up.  Fortunately, Carretta USA was very understanding of my dilemma last week and they happily rescheduled me for today.  I have known and worked with these good folks for a long time so they were very accommodating.

Just a nice little holiday story (with a twist) from the road.  It’s not always easy being us and as we all know, man do we depend on our cars.

Email us your Tales From The Road – you never know, your story may just end up in the next SACDV newsletter. Email all Tales to

Bet you didn’t know this about... Judi Carson, Promotional Marketing
Interviewed by Mike Valentini

Judi Carson, a sales rep for distributor member Promotional Marketing in Lafayette Hills, Pa has been showing dogs for over 40 years.  Judi started in 1966 and has handled Afghans, Golden Retrievers, Rotweilers, Standard Poodles and Silky Terriers, the breed she currently owns and shows.  Judi is both a trainer and a handler.  Judi shows at six to eight events a year, and has even competed at the Westminster Kennel Club Show in New York 15 times.  Interestingly, this event is the second longest running sporting event in the country.  The show is for Champion dogs only, and Judi has won multiple 'Best of Breed' in this prestigious event. Judi has had multiple 'Best of Show' winners as well as National Champions at numerous dog shows throughout the country. She currently owns five adult Silky Terriers, along with five pups. This hobby is truly a labor of love, as it takes time, money, energy and patience, with no financial gain for your efforts.
Coincidentally, the dog show industry and the related businesses account for about one third of Judi's business.
The next time you flip on the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, try to spot Judi and her Silky Terrier.

Bet you didn’t know this about... Michael Wagaman - SACDV Board Member

Mike has been employed by Rockland Embroidery, Inc. since 2006. He is a 2005 graduate of Kutztown University, Kutztown, PA. Prior to joining the Rockland staff, Mike served as an intern for NBC News at the TODAY Show in New York, NY, and later, as a partner in a Pennsylvania based auction company. Currently, Mike is Rockland Embroidery, Inc.'s sales manager calling on promotional products distributors nationwide. He resides in Topton, Pennsylvania with his wife Courtney.

If you have an interesting hobby that you would like to share with our membesr, please contact Kiran Walker at (609) 871-5527 or email her at to be interviewed.

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Thursday September 23rd
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Member Congratulations
Congratulations to Mary Ellen (formerly Pahalka) and Nick Nichols on their recent marriage. We wish them the best in love and life!

Congratulations to Laura and Justin Schlegel on their upcoming baby due May 4, 2010. We wish them the absolute best!


Introducing New SACDV Members
Kidz IDZ – Jeff Broder
Moderne Glass Co. – Kristina Fredericks

Multi-Line Rep:
Northeast Marketing – Wayne Burden

Kaeser & Blair – Mearl Gordon

Kudos Korner
A giant Thank You goes out to Chocolate Inn for donating $2000 worth of chocolate to SACDV for use in our holiday mailing.
Another giant Thank You goes out to Bic Graphic USA for donating pens to use during our Fall Expo.

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Steve Mitchell – Mitchell Marketing
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This Issues Riddle:
The Butcher Shop – There is a clerk at the butcher shop, he is five feet ten inches tall and wears a size 13 sneakers. He has a wife and 2 kids. What does he weigh?

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Did you know that you can do so much more with Vodka than make Martini’s? You can remove bandages painlessly, clean bathtubs and showers, prolong the life of your razor blades, use it as an astringent, treat dandruff, make mouthwash and so much more…. To find out more uses for Vodka click here.



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